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I am a multi-disciplinary artist from a small town near the north coast of Colombia, working primarily with paint and handmade goods. Passionate about yoga, meditation and plants. Always inspired by curiosity, nature, and self-reflection.


Astrology enthusiast from a humanist perspective. I find it fascinating how astrological events talk to us, and the influence they have on the evolution of humanity.

I have a bachelors degree in teaching with eight years of experience in private schools and universities. 


Recently, I decided to take a shot at exploring my more creative and intuitive side.  This came from discomfort with societal expectations and an urge to nurture and know myself better.

I firmly believe that we can all learn and grow through collaboration and solidarity.





More thoughts on Medium - Space for ideas: 



Las gotas de tinta negra

Intuitive art & crafts


My painting process is about a state of mind, where I´m at peace and not focused on the result. I use dripping, splatter, and other abstract techniques, but it´s not only the expression of color. My paintings mean a lot to me because they come from a time when
I have been at a higher level of consciousness, exploring textures, shades of light and dark, and playing with intuition.

If you are interested in collaborating, please reach me via email or at socials

Resumen Forma 5


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